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Intercom System by Vacumaid

It’s possible to instantaneously connect with another person over an intercom by just pressing a button. A protective layer of protection will be added to your current security measures, making them even more effective. If you’ve ever had to shout across your home or workplace only to be met with silence, an intercom system may be the answer you’re looking for.

The following are some additional advantages of having an intercom in your home security system:

  • Monitor a child’s room using this device.
  • Telling your children that dinner is ready will save you time and energy.
  • Use this gadget as a safety precaution for youngsters who are home alone and should not answer the door to strangers.
  • Order inventory to be brought to the front counter from the storeroom.
  • Using an intercom system may be done in a variety of ways. Using them is a quick and easy method to get a message through, give instructions, or request assistance.

Therefore, which one do I choose?

The system that suits you depends on a lot of things, and that is why you must have a thorough understanding of the features of each intercom system and match these capabilities to your own special needs. Below, we’ve included several distinct types of intercom systems.

Telephone System with Audio

An audio phone system, sometimes known as a “door phone,” enables you to accept “calls” from your front door or any other door outside your house or company. When someone approaches a door, they push a button that informs an inside station, and the people inside may then communicate with them. Certain audio stations also have a “door release” capability, enabling the person answering the call inside the house or business to open the door and allow the guest to enter.

Intercom System with Video

This system has all of the advantages of an audio phone system but with the added security of live video. A tiny camera installed in the front door station enables communication and visual identification of the guest at your front entrance. Specific video intercom systems have a picture recording feature, meaning that anyone attempting to enter your house may be photographed and/or recorded. Video intercoms may assist in identifying and eliminating potential criminal activity such as vandalism, trespassing, and break-ins.

Intercoms over IP

IP intercoms link to your home internet connection and enable you to speak with and observe guests on your property even while you are not at home. Indeed, IP intercoms will allow you to converse with people knocking on your door from anywhere globally via wifi or 3G connection and a smartphone app ( iPhone, iPad, Android phones).

Intercoms Wireless

The primary advantage of wireless intercom systems is their ease of installation, as no cables are required. The second advantage is that the units may be simply relocated at any moment. These advantages come with danger and central interference from other electrical and wireless equipment. Wireless equipment nearby, such as data networks and cordless phones, might cause interference with your intercom.  While they may appear to be the right option for basic applications, most consumers are dissatisfied with these intercom systems.

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