Vacumaid vacuum cleaner
What is the VacuMaid Ducted Vacuum System?

Cleaner Air – Less Dust

Unlike most portable vacuum cleaners which exhaust fine dust and particles into the air while vacuuming the VacuMaid Ducted Vacuum System removes these potentially harmful irritants via a network of hidden PVC Tubing within the walls of your home.


As soon as you start using your new ducted vacuum system you will notice how much cleaner the air is in your home.

Benefits Include:

Improved Air QualityPowerful CleaningExtremely ConvenientProtection of Flooring InvestmentReduces Noise LevelVersatile Cleaning OptionsLarge Dirt CollectionReduction in Asthma & Allergy SymptomsEasy MaintenanceEasy to InstallThere are no filters100% sustained cleaning powerThey are lightweight and easy to useThey cost less than portables bought over time

Why Choose a VacuMaid System?

With a Vacu-Maid system you will receive the highest quality central vacuum system. Our power units feature long-life motors, superior filtration, and durable construction. The Cyclonic systems have, by far, the most sustainable cleaning power in the industry allowing 100% cleaning power at all times.

With a VacuMaid system, dirt and dust travel to the central power unit located away from your living area, (usually in the garage), where the unit can be exhausted to the outside of the house. This prevents the re-circulation of any dust particles, reducing the symptoms of Allergies and Asthma.

Deep Cleaning Power

VacuMaid systems give you faster, more thorough pick up, literally deep cleaning your carpets.

The powerful motor in the VacuMaid Split System central vacuum system with its Cyclonic Cleaning power can be up to 3 times more powerful then a portable vacuum cleaner.

The unit maintains suction at peak power throughout use delivering 100% sustained cleaning power. Portable vacuums and other central vacuums decrease in suction power as the dust chamber fills or the filter gets dirty.

The motor is located away from the main living area, basement or garage and is stationary and cooler providing the strongest possible suction, taking not only the surface dust, but also the deep grit and particles that age carpet.

The stationary power unit of the Vacu-Maid central system means no damage to your home, unlike portable vacuum systems, which get dragged around, up and down stairs, knocking into and damaging walls, skirting and furniture.


Simply insert the lightweight hose into the convenient inlet in the wall and the VacuMaid System automatically starts. How easy is that?

- Nothing heavy to carry

- No electrical cords to plug in or get in your way while vacuuming.

- Carry only lightweight hose and tools while you clean

Switch handle hoses are also available and are extremely convenient, especially if your phone rings or there is someone at the door, simply switch the hose off at the handle.

Stop carrying around that portable heavy upright or awkward canister vacuum. Give your back and yourself a break with a fully centralized Vacuum System. Spend more time with your family.


VacuMaid central vacuum systems are built to last, they are constructed out of corrosion-resistant galvannealed steel and powder coated for added durability.

The powerful long lasting Ametek Lamb motors are used in all units.


Use your VacuMaid system to clean rugs, curtains, uncarpeted floors, stairs, furniture, walls, ceilings even the inside of your car.

There are tools to meet any cleaning need.

Vacu-Maid Gold Coast carries a range of cleaning tools to meet your every day cleaning needs.


Superior cleaning in less time.

And finally the most important thing!

A VacuMaid central Vacuum system is an economical investment that adds permanent value to your home.

“VacuMaid, the system made to last”.