VacuMaid Gold Coast - locally owned and operated for over 40 years


Vacumaid Gold Coast has been operating over 40+ years and has always been committed to providing the best ducted vacuum service and installation works throughout Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Northern NSW.

We have always been committed to the Vacumaid brand of ducted vacuum systems, however due to their availability and reliability, the need to diversify into other brands has became apparent with our clients requirements for achieving a more “Cost-Effective Product” “Greater Filtration”, “More Power”, “Quieter”, “Local Supply & Support” available in Australia.

Vacumaid now can confidently supply a wide range of systems that can easily handle from 1 point to 20 points.
From servicing a simple garage, all the way to servicing an entire 2000qm home.

Vacumaid Gold Coast can now offer the majority of ducted vacuum machine brands including, the Australian made Premier Clean Ducted Vacuums, Canadian-made Cyclovac, American-made Silent Master, and of course, the American-made Vacumaid.

Vacumaid Gold Coast prides itself on our high level of workmanship, quality, and design… and NO, we aren’t always the cheapest, but we do it RIGHT the first time.

4 Main Reasons to Choose Vacumaid Gold Coast!

Wide Range Of Quality Brands/Products

From Ducted Vacuum systems to CC-TV, Vacumaid stocks a wide range of quality national and international vacuum and security brands with purpose-built products for your home, office, or business.

Service & Repairs

Vacumaid prides itself on the ability to repair and service all types of ducted vacuum systems.
If your system is simply not running as it should, let the experts at Vacumaid provide you with outstanding customer service, support, and your system with the utmost care.


Vacumaid supplies quality vacuum system products from outstanding brands.
These brands are equipped with industry leading warranties, our preference is now the Australian made products due to local supply and support, speeding up any downtime in the event of product failure in or out of warranty.

40+ Years Of Operation

Vacumaid has been proudly operating for over 40+ years in South East Queensland.
Our commitment has always been to provide the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, and Northern NSW areas with the very best ducted vacuum and security systems services and installation.