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Welcome to Vacu-Maid Gold Coast

Are you building a new home or renovating ? Then you should consider a fully ducted vacuum system from the world’s most recognised ducted vacuum Company.

Your new Vacu-Maid ducted vacuum system is not only an investment in your family’s health but will also give you many years of superior cleaning performance. No matter how small or large the home or unit, Vacu-Maid Gold Coast has a ducted vacuum to suit.

One of the many advantages of the ducted vacuum system is its ease of use. You can clean your home without dragging a vacuum cleaner around behind you and be confident in the knowledge that all the dirt, dust and allergens are removed to the vacuum unit generally located in the garage leaving a cleaner air environment inside the home.

Another advantage of the Vacu-Maid ducted vacuum system is the lack of noise usually associated with vacuuming your home. Instead of pulling or pushing the vacuum cleaner from room to room the power unit is located in the garage leaving you with only a light weight hose to move from inlet to inlet as you go about cleaning your home.

Installing a Vacu-Maid ducted vacuum system in your home adds value to the home while protecting your valuable flooring, makes cleaning easier, protects the health of your family and is built to last.

Vacu-Maid ducted vacuum systems, “The Original and the Best”.

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