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Choosing the right tools for your ducted vacuum system

Vacumaid vacuum cleaner

Did you know that cleaning with the appropriate floor tool on your ducted vacuum systems can make a significant impact on the cleaning performance of your vacuum cleaner? We’ve summarized each kind to assist you in understanding the many benefits of each tool and determining which one is best for your home or workplace.

Which one is best for you?

      • Combination floor tools are meant to assist you in cleaning carpets as well as hard floors. The majority of designs include a switch on the front of the tool that enables you to switch between carpet and hard floor cleaning. Combination floor tools are included as standard equipment with the majority of vacuum cleaners and are simple to replace if your present tool becomes broken.
      • Soft dusting brushes and vacuum floor equipment are designed to eliminate dust and allergens from sensitive surfaces with care. This vacuum cleaner tool has tiny nylon bristles, and a felt strip running along the center of the brush to protect surfaces from scratching while cleaning. It is a perfect addition to your vacuum system.
      • Turbo head vacuum floor tools are meant to provide a more thorough clean than normal combo floor tools due to the revolving brush bar that elevates your carpet while you vacuum. The brush bar on turbo head floor tools is air-driven and depends on the vacuum system’s suction capacity to successfully spin while cleaning. Turbo heads may be quite successful in removing pet hair from carpeted floors, but they should only be used on carpets.
      • The combo floor tool has been upgraded to the high-efficiency floor tool. It has a swivel nozzle for more effortless mobility when vacuuming. Like the combined floor tool, it is intended to assist you in cleaning both carpets and hard floors. It includes a button on the tool’s front that enables you to choose between carpet and hard floor cleaning.
      • The extensible crevice vacuum tool is ideal for cleaning difficult-to-reach areas. Its 350 mm-555 mm extension range makes it perfect for vacuuming at a variety of heights. Its firm bristles are designed to assist in successfully removing dust particles and allergies during cleaning.

Vacuum cleaning equipment and floor tools make cleaning both economical and efficient. Rather than using a one-size-fits-all strategy, customizing the vacuum floor tool to the area being cleaned guarantees that the task is completed more quickly and thoroughly.

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