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Ducted Vacuum Systems

Planning your installation

1.Planning your Vacumaid installation

Simply send us a set of your house plans, and we’ll do the rest. Vacumaid vacuum systems are an easier simpler way to clean your house. Call us on 5533 9550

2.The Power Unit

Houses the vacuum system’s motor and electrical Components.

3. Dirt Can

Collects the large dirt and debris swept up while cleaning. This is the point at which cyclonic separation occurs in the Vacumaid system.

Tubing & Fittings

4. Tubing & Fittings

Vacuum tubing concealed within your walls connects the inlets to the unit. Dirt travels through this network of tubing and is deposited into the dirt can.


5. Inlets

Locations at which you connect your hose into the Vacumaid system. The inlets are conveniently located in various areas around your home. We now carry a range of coloured inlets to suite your decor.

Sweep Inlets

6. Sweep Inlets

Clean with the ease of a broom, yet still maintain the benefits of a central vacuum. Located at floor level in the kick board of a cabinet. Makes cleaning up in the kitchen so much easier.

Your Tool Kit

7. Your VacuMaid Tool Kit

Provide you with the tools necessary to clean your home. This includes the hose that is required to make the system work.


We carry a  range of inlets to suit your brand new home. (Powder coated and stainless steel  inlets available on request) Pick a colour to suit your  interior.